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Those who are saying it can not be done, should not disturb the people who are doing it

Did you know that 75% of the business developers never received any type of official training. They are not versed on how to run an effective balance sheet or understand what it means for their organization when they receive less revenue than expected, which has resulted into lost opportunities for growth due both ignorance and abandonment by management alike

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The future of business lies in your hands. You are our next generation!

Knowledge is power! At our company, we are on a mission to make business development simple for all founders. Our team consists of industry experts that have years experience in various entrepreneurial fields and can guide you through any situation or challenge your startup may face–from funding options to launching campaigns with social media influencers; if there’s something specific missing in your skill set let us know because one-onone coaching will be given as well where necessary.

The knowledge gap between individuals and ambitious founders is vast. Our mission is to make business development simple, so that any individual can acquire the skills they need in order to leave their mark on society.

You are an intrapreneur, a middle or senior manager and responsible for developing new business opportunities. Or you are an entrepreneur who is in the phase of developing or refining the business plan for the start or further growth of the company.

We have been helping companies develop and implement their innovation strategies since 2002, and we know that it’s not easy to do this alone. That’s why we created BD-Academy – to help you turn your ideas into reality by providing access to our global network of experts from all disciplines including design thinking, entrepreneurship, strategy consulting and more. Our approach is based on years of experience with hundreds of clients across industries around the world. It can be adapted to any organization’s needs at every stage from ideation through implementation. And it works! In fact, our track record shows that about 80% of our clients successfully commercialize their innovations within three years after starting with us…and many even faster than that!

So if you want your ideas to become real products/services/businesses then contact us today so we can get started together right away! We offer free consultations so there is no risk involved in working with us…we only win when you do! Click here now before time runs out!

Contact BD-Academy today for a free consultation session where we will discuss how best to work together going forward!

Business Developer

What's your business development process like? I'm guessing it looks pretty similar to mine. We've tried many techniques, but none of them worked as much or lasted longer than expected- until now! This week you'll learn how to build a solid BD approach that gets consistent results time after time without feeling like "more work."

Start up founder

The perfect recipe for success! You have a great idea, but are struggling to make it happen. At the end of this business development crash course you will not only know how to validate your idea and get some customers...you'll also walk away with an action plan that will be surefire in generating revenue from start-ups like yours.

Boost your career

Want to know what it really entails being a business development professional? Then sign up @bd-academy. You will have the chance work with clients and develop your own strategies so that when you are considering whether or not this career could be right for you, there would no doubt in mind! You’ve always wanted something different but weren't exactly sure how much work needs doing beforehand - now's your time as we offer professionals from all backgrounds an opportunity at learning about one of today’s fastest growing fields: Business Development."
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Academy Topics

Pride in Each Service

Business Development the basics

Business Development for Entrepreneurs

Goal Mapping

Business Model Canvas & Value Propositions

Entrepreneurial Operating System

Finance for Business Development



Sales and Marketing for Business Development

Course is in Dutch German or English approx 90 days

One module per week. Plus 2hrs each week group Q&A Every week one hour 1 on 1 Cost €5,650.--

The results we will achieve together

For three months after the course we will provide you with an experienced Mentor , who will guide you for the period.

It’s time for you to take your business seriously. The key is in understanding why these successful BDs are now working with you too, and that starts by having total clarity on their approach so don’t miss out!

Imagine how much more enjoyable your day could be if you knew that all of the success was due to a single person. You never need wonder what might happen or who is responsible for something because they’re always there when needed!
Success seems effortless with this kind of power in tow, which means even better reviews are right around the corner…

You can finally let go of the stress and anxiety that has been weighing on your mind. You don’t have to wonder anymore if there’s a reason for things not working out as they should, because now we know what it is: lack of results

You might be feeling low right now with no motivation coming into work or even finishing projects at all Few people ever really feel satisfied when their workload increases without any progress being made toward goals– but those days are over! Allowing yourself some time off from this task will do wonders in getting back up again after those tough moments where you felt like giving up entirely

With the right insight and experience, you can quickly identify effective tactics for any new role or project. With an understanding of how different approaches work in different situations; this will make your job easier than ever before!


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Business Strategy Co-Pilot

Pride in Each Service

We help you to create new value fast by designing, validating and growing your business. We offer our clients a proven innovative method that helps them de-risk market growth while achieving better results for their companies in less time.<br>We offer you tools and advice on how to structure your strategy in a way that will help further develop the plan. You strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit by means of inspiring lectures, practical sessions with guest speakers or other members who have been through similar situations as yourself for their guidance when things get tough- we understand what it takes! In addition there are workshops where our professional staff can give some one-onone coaching if needed too

Business Strategy Development Program is in English, German or Dutch.
Two online sessions per month. Cost €999.--

Contribute to Your Organization’s Success

Develop your ability to innovate, think strategically, and gain a competitive advantage for your organization through our intensive business strategy programs. Explore proven business theories and strategic tools through hands-on exercises, interactive lectures, and dynamic discussions.

Gain a deeper understanding of business frameworks and strategic patterns for assessing your organization’s challenges and opportunities

The Agile mindset is transforming leadership

Successfully navigate the challenges inherent in making your organizational, departmental, and project-specific plans come to life.

Develop the tools and frameworks you need to incorporate sustainability practices into your business model.

Explore the concepts and tools of strategic business management.

Understand the characteristics and applications of data sets in order to communicate effectively with your teams and develop business strategies.

Strengthen your organization’s capacity to drive innovation and achieve greater results.

Identify and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities in fast-expanding markets.