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BD-Academy Business Development Co Pilot Program

We’re excited to have you on the journey of exploring your Business Development goals! We’ll start by discussing what we can do together in order for this program to be rewarding and successful.

Expert BD Professionals

The team at BD-Academy are experts in international business development, marketing and sales. We're members of professional exclusive networks in relation to industry expertise with international experience across various sectors.

Anytime. Anywhere

Our goal of the program is to explore potential opportunities in the European market, in order to gain a better understanding of how to serve them and adapt the value proposition if required.

Affordable Rates

The "BD Co Pilot" program is the first step on your journey from "now to goal" and offers an agile approach that can be supported by BD-Academy. It’s important to start by overviewing the entire process before getting into details.

Range of Subjects

Introducing products into new international markets means to navigate through the challenges on a volatile terrain. To reach your goals, we need to identify tangible targets. This will help you conclude a successful program with us.

BD has never been so easy!

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